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Women in Tech (WiT)

AmazeWIT is a collaborative effort to bring the champions of the industry together and shape the tech community around us. For organizations to pioneer great products and services, it is important that their talent is representative of their customers. With a high drop rate to senior roles, our focus is to develop the right support system for women to excel in technology careers.

We love Students


We need to take our efforts to early milestones that have great impact in shaping technology talent. Colleges and schools are an important focus area for us. We seek to provide students a flavor of technology by engaging them in a series of initiatives that help them take an informed decision and prepare them to excel in their career as technologist.


Programs for School Students | Working Women | Restarting Career Women.

WiT Offerings

Code Play

Undertake Code play sessions on the WiT platform to learn a programming language and the basics of coding.

Internships & Mentoring

Get notified and participate in the sessions conducted by WiT on various tech topics and get certificates.

Student Learning Series

Student learning series will guide you and help you realize your goals and vision for your career.

Industry Visits

Get opportunities to visit some of the biggest tech companies in India and see how they operate everyday.

Collaboration accelerates our reach. Our intiatives are possible because of unconditional support from our partners:

Hear from some of our partners and aspirants